Youth Development Coaching

From Academic Mediocrity to the Pursuit of Excellence

Richard Clay, AuthorRichard Clay ~ Author, Executive Life Coach, Educational Consultant, Male
Responsibility Specialist, and former Detroit Public High School Teacher

Is your child “just going through the motions” in school, aimlessly achieving
average or below average grades, passing classes but failing to maximize his/her
academic potential?

Are your child’s study habits, apathy, citizenship behavior, or low self-esteem
preventing him/her from making the Honor Roll? Is tutoring alone not producing
successful results?

If so, consider the serious impact that the following facts have on your child’s
short and long-term future:

  • Fact:  A College Degree or Trade School License is a minimum requirement for today’s youth with serious career aspirations.
  • Fact:  Almost all colleges today require applicants to have between a 2.0 and a 3.0 grade point average in order to qualify for admission.
  • Fact:  Every year, already high college tuition costs increase significantly.
  • Fact:  Most college scholarships require students to have a 3.0 grade point average or better.
  • Fact:  When you are first looking for employment and have little work experience, your GPA can be an important indicator that an employer may use to understand what kind of employee you might be.

To give your child the best chance at getting accepted into college and winning college scholarships to help pay for tuition, you and your child need to enroll in our Youth Development Coaching Service.

This telephone coaching service is culturally designed to foster character development and academic achievement among African-American youth. Our life coaches will empower you with vital knowledge and tools to help your child improve his/her grades. They will teach your child the personal character, discipline, and attitudes that are essential for improving his/her grades, and preparing him/her for college.

CBM Consulting’s Youth Development Coaching covers the following core areas:

  • Implementing a daily academics and behavior, ‘points-based’ home grading
  • system;
  • Understanding and implementing rewards and consequences;
  • Developing and enhancing positive character traits
  • Developing appropriate attitudes and behavior for academic success;
  • Correcting negative behavior practices;
  • Developing successful study habits;
  • Self-esteem enhancement;
  • Self-discipline enhancement;
  • Developing leadership characteristics and skills; and
  • Preparing for college, scholarships, and career success

Enroll today and let’s significantly increase your child’s grades!

SET-UP:  Each one-hour coaching session between Richard Clay and an enrolled parent and child will take place over the telephone.

COSTS:  Each coaching session costs a flat fee of $25.00.

ENROLLMENT:  Complete and submit the Youth Development Coaching Enrollment Form online at along with your payment. Then call for your appointment time and final instructions. For scheduling or additional information contact Coach Richard Clay at (313) 247-3301.