At Last, A Powerful New Resource In The National Fight To Save Our Sons In School


With each passing year, national reports further document that the educational plight of Black boys in schools across America is worsening.  Education experts have been sounding the emergency alarm for three decades.  Recognized “school reformers” have been consistently promoting standardized test-heavy and school privatization schemes that have not, and will not work.  Yet until now, little-to-nothing practical has been done to help teachers, parents, and students at the grassroots level who find themselves trapped in the midst of America’s ongoing Black male education crisis.

In an effort to give people the resources that they need in order to successfully fight and reverse these negative trends, we launched the web site at the end of 2008.  Richard Clay, a man on a personal mission to save Black boys in school, designed the web site to be a one-stop practical resource for parents, teachers, students, and community members concerned about the overall plight of young Black males.

The web site features: powerful articles, in-depth reports, student career planning assistance, teacher’s lesson plans, educational games, cartoons, and puzzles, excerpts from Richard Clay’s book “Raised Wrong, Educated Worse: Addressing The Troubled Behavior of Our Sons,” and many academic and organizational resources for parents, teachers, and students.  Teachers, parents, and students can all utilize these informative learning resources in the fields of Science, mathematics, social studies, English, and the creative arts by logging onto Of course, Black history lessons are emphasized across all academic disciplines.

Many families have already begun using this new web site regularly as a free source for progressive information, engaging skills-development activities, and educational entertainment for youth ranging from grades PreK-12.  Educators, parents, and youth professionals from around the world are now visiting the site in order to ponder our expert analysis and practical solutions to America’s Black male education crisis.  As a result, has quickly become the #1 site on the web for information and resources on the education crisis of young Black males.

The site’s developer Richard Clay is no stranger to those who work in the youth development or male responsibility fields.  In addition to being a published author, Richard is an educational consultant, a former Detroit Public Schools Teacher, the Vice President of the Greater Detroit Michigan Chapter of Concerned Black Men, a national lecturer, and a male responsibility specialist.

Although he is totally blind, Richard is a longtime community activist who grew tired of watching droves of young Black males falling by-the-wayside and self-destructing long before they ever became men.  So, in his own words, “I did my research, got involved, and dedicated my life to working with others to build a national movement to save our sons in school.  The web site is just one extension of my life’s work.”

Detroit Social Worker Ollie Lester recently wrote the following comments regarding our work at  “I learned about the web site after personally attending two dynamic workshops that Richard Clay conducted.  There, I saw firsthand the powerful impact that he has on parents, education professionals, and students.  I logged-on to the web site and browsed-through the wealth of valuable information that it displays.  I then shared it with my nephew who has used it ever since to study for his high school math and science classes.”

In the future, we will continue to update and revise the site. We truly believe that as more people find out about and utilize the site, many more Black boys will break with current trends and strive to achieve academic excellence in school. To obtain further information or to schedule interviews, email us at, or call us at (313) 247-3301.