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Richard Clay conversing with student.

Welcome. Learn more about our dynamic K-12 training workshops and college lectures relevant to young Black males.

CBM Consulting is the educational training arm of the Michigan African-American Leadership Summit (MAALS). Our lead consultant is National Lecturer, Educational Consultant, Life Skills Coach, Designer of the Advanced Model of Academic Achievement, former Detroit Public Schools Secondary Social Studies Teacher, Male Responsibility Specialist, Community Activist, and University of Michigan Alumnus Richard Clay. Richard is also the author of the book, “Raised Wrong, Educated Worse: Addressing The Troubled Behavior Of Our Sons” published in 2005, as well as the booklets, “Addressing Black Youth’s Self-Esteem Crisis: Critical Keys To Black Students’ Success” published in 2010, “Testimonies Of Our Sons: High School Teachers, girls, Behavior, The Law, and More” published in 2010, and “Equal School Dollars For All: Ending Great Inequalities In School: published in 2010.

Richard teaches class as students look attentively.

Richard and our expert consultants offer a wide range of educational lectures and training workshops that are perfectly designed for K-12 students, their parents and faculty members, or college students and faculty members with backgrounds in: education, liberal arts, public health, psychology, business, law, urban planning, and engineering. All presentations include: applicable background information, statistics, handouts, visuals, activity worksheets, small group activities, recommended solution-oriented strategies, and time for questions and answers. Workshops span from 1 to 6 sessions. To schedule or inquire about any of them, call: (313) 247-3301.

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