Youth Development Coaching

Using self-development to coach Black youth from academic mediocrity to the lifelong pursuit of excellence.

Benefits Life Coaching

Life coaching for kids and adults is the hottest trend sweeping the whole world because when committed to and practiced correctly, it frequently produces incredible trans-formative results. While many newcomers are jumping on this seemingly new trend, our lead life coach Richard Clay has more than 12 years of experience providing superb self-development and academic life coaching to the African-American and blind and visually impaired communities at reasonable rates.

Coaching Prices

Pricing for packages of one-hour weekly coaching sessions via telephone varies. Save money by purchasing larger coaching packages. Call us for pricing at (313) 247-3301.

About Your Coach

CBM Consulting And Coaching’s lead consultant and executive life coach is National Lecturer, Educational Consultant, Self-Development Life Coach, Designer of the Advanced Model of Academic Achievement, former Detroit Public Schools Secondary Social Studies Teacher, Male Responsibility Specialist, Community Activist, and University of Michigan Alumnus Richard Clay. Richard is also the author of the book, “Raised Wrong, Educated Worse: Addressing The Troubled Behavior Of Our Sons” published in 2005, as well as the booklets, “Addressing Black Youth’s Self-Esteem Crisis: Critical Keys To Black Students’ Success” published in 2010, “Testimonies Of Our Sons: High School Teachers, girls, Behavior, The Law, and More” published in 2010, and “Equal School Dollars For All: Ending Great Inequalities In School: published in 2010.

How to Get Started

  1. Call your coach Richard Clay at 313-247-3301 for pricing information and to make arrangements for your first coaching session.
  2. Complete and submit our Coaching Enrollment Form.
  3. Click the Pay For Coaching button to make your secure online payment.

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