State of the Black Family Panel Discussion


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This 2007 Authors panel discussion took place at Truth Book Store inside Southfield, Michigan’s Northland Moll. It included: Robin Wright King, the author of “Papa Was A Rolling Stone: A Daughter’s Journey To Forgiveness,” Denise Critiden, the author of “God In The Mirror,” and editor of “The African-American Family Magazine,” Jenaia Black, the author of “Breaking Point,” Richard Clay, the author of “Raised Wrong, Educated Worse: Addressing The Troubled Behavior of Our Sons,” and was moderated by Bankole Thompson, the editor of the “Michigan Chronicle.” It empowers viewers with a greater understanding of, and practical solutions to common challenges currently confronting many Black families. Fatherlessness, surviving incest, Black male/female relationships, and improving the plight of young Black males are some of the many featured topics. 

Video Preview

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