The state of black America is one of crisis, according to a detailed new report from the National Urban League.

The study — issued annually since 1976 — found a troubling inequality between blacks and whites across several sectors, including education, wealth, employment, earnings and health care.

Black Americans’ “equality index” stands at 72.2% compared to 100% for whites — meaning blacks experience less than three-fourths the quality of life of white Americans, according to the “2015 State of Black America.”

It’s a slight improvement from the 71.5% reported last year, but there’s still a persistent and disturbing gap between the races, said National Urban League President Marc Morial.

“My takeaway is that there’s still people stuck in the recession. In too many categories we are stalled or slipping,” he said.

Among the key findings in the report:

-Black median household income is about 60% that of whites: $34,815 versus $57,684.

-Blacks are twice as likely to live in poverty: 27.6% versus 11.1% of whites.

-Black unemployment is nearly double that of whites: 11.3% versus 5.3%

-In terms of wealth, meaning assets owned versus debt, the median black household has $6,314 vs. $110,500. Black households average 6 cents in wealth for every dollar of white household wealth.

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SOURCE: NY Daily News, March 25, 2015