Sagging: Dress Expression or a Crime? Panel Debate



This high-powered 2008 panel debate took place inside the City Council Chambers of Pontiac, Michigan’s City Hall.  Sponsored by the Greater Detroit Michigan Chapter of Concerned Black Men, it included community leaders: Bruce Turpin of Pontiac Youth Assistance, Quincy Stewart of Concerned Black Men, Poet Kenny Corr, Eugene Davis of Project HOPE, Kenny Anderson of Concerned Black Men, Educational Consultant Richard Clay, and was moderated by James Ellout of Concerned Black Men.  It empowers viewers with a thorough and diverse analysis of the sagging pants phenomenon that has swept across America.  The real origins of sagging, the true aims of anti-sagging laws, controversial dress expression throughout Black history, and strategies for addressing the root causes of sagging are some of the many featured topics.

Video Preview

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