Strategies For Teachers Educating Young Black Males




This interactive workshop was conducted by Richard Clay for educators attending the Detroit Public Schools 2006 African Child Symposium Conference at Detroitʼs Cobo Hall Convention Center. It empowers teachers with sound pedagogical strategies for successfully educating young Black males by implementing African-centered education, utilizing hip-hop culture, and re-establishing discipline in the classroom.

Video Preview

Note: We no longer offer this video training as a hard copy DVD. Immediately after purchase you will be redirected to a download page that has two links. Click the first link to watch the video in it’s entirety, on a special viewing page on the Black Boys In Crisis website. Click the second link to download a compressed mp4 video file. You will need to unzip the file on your computer before watching. This  can easily done by using a program like WinZip or by simply dragging the file out of the compressed folder onto your desktop.